Vienna University of Technology Scholarships 2023 Fully Funded

Apply to Vienna University of Technology Scholarships 2023 in Austria, Fully Funded Scholarships

Are you a young researcher with a passion for advancing knowledge and making a difference in the world? Look no further than the Vienna University of Technology Scholarships 2023. This prestigious institution is inviting applications from international students for fully funded Ph.D. positions in structural and algorithmic elements of preference-based challenges in social choice. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of these scholarships, the university’s rich history, eligibility criteria, application process, and more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your scientific journey to new heights!

About Vienna University of Technology

If you seek academic excellence and pioneering research, Vienna University of Technology, also known as Technische Universität Wien or TU Wien, is the place to be. With a history dating back to 1815 when it was founded as the “Imperial-Royal Polytechnic Institute,” TU Wien has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements and scientific contributions. Today, it offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in engineering, natural sciences, architecture, computer science, and economics. Notably, TU Wien has made significant strides in research sectors like information technology, materials science, and renewable energy.

Vienna University of Technology Scholarships

Austria, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, presents an excellent opportunity for international students to pursue higher education. Vienna University of Technology, as the host institution, offers fully funded Ph.D. scholarships that amount to an impressive €1,599,620. This funding will support successful candidates throughout the first three years of their Ph.D. positions.

Scholarship NameVienna University of Technology Scholarships 2023
Host UniversityVienna University of Technology (Technische Universität Wien or TU Wien)
Degree LevelPh.D.
Subject/AreaStructural and Algorithmic Aspects of Preference-based Problems in Social Choice
Funding Amount€ 1,599,620 for the first three years of the Ph.D. position’s term
Eligible ApplicantsStudents from other countries
Application DeadlineOctober 16, 2023
BenefitsEmployment contract for a Ph.D. position with funding, outstanding scientific expertise, and an inspiring environment
Required Documents– Master’s Degree
– International Students’ Passport
– CV
– Motivating Letter
– Two Letters of Recommendation
– Research Proposal
– Certificate of English Proficiency (IELTS if previous degree not in English)
Language ProficiencyFluent in English with excellent writing and communication skills
Application ProcessSubmit applications directly through the official website
RenewabilityRenewability depends on scholarship terms and conditions
Outcome NotificationVaries; generally, notified via email or application portal
Overview of the Vienna University of Technology Scholarships 2023

Eligibility Criteria: Who Can Apply?

To qualify for these scholarships, international students from various countries are encouraged to apply. Candidates must have a strong background in algorithm design, as the Ph.D. scholarships specifically focus on “Structural and Algorithmic Aspects of Preference-based Problems in Social Choice.” Additionally, applicants must possess a completed master’s thesis to be eligible.

Required Documents: Prepare Your Application

The application process requires several essential documents. Aspiring scholars should gather the following:

  1. A Master’s Degree: Necessary for Ph.D. programs.
  2. International Students’ Passport: Identification proof.
  3. A Concise Resume/CV: Highlighting academic achievements and experiences.
  4. A Motivating Letter: Also known as a statement of purpose, expressing your passion and aspirations.
  5. Two Letters of Recommendation: From academic or professional referees who can vouch for your capabilities.
  6. Proposal for Research: Outline your proposed research plan.
  7. Certificate of English Proficiency: If your previous degree was not in English, an IELTS test may be required.


The deadline for online applications for Vienna University of Technology Scholarships 2023 is October 16, 2023. Ensure you submit your application in a timely manner to be considered for this prestigious opportunity.

How to Apply?

To apply for the Vienna University of Technology Ph.D. Scholarship in Austria for the academic year 2023/24, visit the official website and follow the application instructions. Remember, this Ph.D. position will commence as soon as possible, so don’t delay your application.

Apply now via this link here!

FAQs About Vienna University of Technology Scholarships

1. Does the University of Vienna offer scholarships? Yes, the University of Vienna provides scholarships for degree students and young researchers across various disciplines. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s/Diploma/Master’s/Ph.D. degree program.

2. How to apply for a scholarship at the University of Vienna? To apply, you must receive an offer from the institution or be enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Vienna. If you are currently registered at the university, there’s no need to apply again. Please note that part-time dissertations are not eligible for scholarships.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for scholarships at the Vienna University of Technology? The eligibility criteria differ depending on the specific scholarship. However, common factors include academic excellence, financial need, nationality, and the chosen program of study.

4. Are scholarships at Vienna University of Technology renewable? The renewal of scholarships depends on the terms and conditions of the specific scholarship. Some scholarships may be renewable based on academic performance, while others may have specific requirements for renewal.

Conclusion: Seize the Opportunity

The Vienna University of Technology Scholarships 2023 offer an unparalleled chance for young researchers to launch their scientific careers. With fully funded Ph.D. positions in structural and algorithmic elements of preference-based problems in social choice, this opportunity promises to be transformative for your academic journey. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Apply today through the official website and take the first step towards a bright future. Remember, every achievement begins with a single application.

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